10 Reasons You Need to Watch Paris Roubaix

Paris-Roubaix, also known about as “The Hell of the North,” is one of the most iconic and challenging races in professional cycling. It is a one-day race that takes place in northern France and is known for its cobblestone roads and treacherous conditions. The race is a true test of endurance and skill and is a must-watch event for any cycling fan. Here are 10 reasons why you need to watch Paris-Roubaix.

1. The History and Tradition

Paris-Roubaix is one of the oldest races in professional cycling, having first been held in 1896. It is part of the UCI World Tour and is the second oldest race on the calendar, after the Tour de France. The race has a rich history and is steeped in tradition, making it a must-watch event for any cycling fan.

2. The Cobblestone Roads

The cobblestone roads of Paris-Roubaix are one of the race’s defining features. The roads are rough and uneven, and are known for causing crashes and mechanical problems. The cobbles are also incredibly tough on the riders, with many suffering from hand and back pain after the race. Watching the riders navigate these treacherous roads is a true test of skill and endurance.

Paris Roubaix Cobblestone Roads

3. The Crowds

The crowds at Paris-Roubaix are some of the most passionate and dedicated in professional cycling. The fans line the roads, cheering on the riders and creating an electric atmosphere. The crowds are also known for their unique traditions, such as handing out beer and food to the riders as they pass by.

4. The Battle for Position

Paris-Roubaix is a one-day race, meaning that there is no time to make up lost ground. This creates a battle for position throughout the race as riders fight to stay near the front of the pack. The race can be won or lost in the final kilometers, making for a thrilling and exciting finish.

5. The Weather

Paris-Roubaix is known for its unpredictable weather, with rain and cold temperatures often playing a factor. The wet and muddy conditions can make the cobblestone roads even more treacherous, and can lead to crashes and mechanical problems. Watching the riders battle through these conditions is a true test of their resilience and determination.

Paris Roubaix Iconic Arenberg Trench

6. The Iconic Arenberg Trench

The Arenberg Trench is one of the most iconic sections of the Paris-Roubaix course. The 2.4-kilometer stretch of cobblestones is incredibly rough and is known for causing crashes and mechanical problems. It is also the first of several key sections of the course and sets the tone for the rest of the race.

7. The Duels and Rivalries

Paris-Roubaix is a race that often creates duels and rivalries between the riders. The race is so difficult and unpredictable that it can bring out the best and worst in the riders, leading to intense battles on the road. Watching these duels and rivalries unfold is a true spectacle.

8. The Tactics

Paris-Roubaix is a race that requires a different set of tactics than most other races. Because of the cobblestone sectors, riders need to conserve their energy and avoid crashes. Teams also need to be strategic in positioning their riders and protecting them from the elements. It’s fascinating to see how different teams approach the race.

Paris Roubaix Riders

9. The Riders

Paris-Roubaix attracts some of the best riders in the world and is a true test of their skill and endurance. The race is a favorite among the classics specialists and is considered a career-defining race for many. Watching these riders push themselves to the limit is a true inspiration.

10. The Emotion

Paris-Roubaix is a race that evokes a wide range of emotions for the riders and fans alike. The race is incredibly tough and unpredictable and can lead to moments of triumph and defeat. The emotion on the faces of the riders as they cross the finish line is a testament to the effort and sacrifice they have put into the race. The emotion of the fans, as they cheer on their favorites and share in the excitement, is also a special part of the Paris-Roubaix experience.

Top 10 Riders To Watch At Paris-Roubaix


Paris-Roubaix is a must-watch event for any cycling fan. The history, tradition, and iconic cobblestone roads make it a unique and challenging race. The crowds, battle for position, and unpredictable weather add to the excitement and drama. The Arenberg Trench, duels and rivalries, and the riders themselves all contribute to the spectacle. And the emotion that the race evokes is a special part of the Paris-Roubaix experience. So, be sure to mark your calendar and tune in to watch this iconic race.