1973 Raleigh Sports 3-Speed Bicycle

The Raleigh Sports 3 Speed is a road bike that was released in 1973. It was one of the first mass-produced bikes to come equipped with a Shimano derailleur, making it a popular choice for those looking for a quality bicycle that didn’t break the bank. The bike’s simple design and durable construction made it a favorite among commuters and recreational riders alike, and it quickly became one of Raleigh’s best-selling models.

Today, the Raleigh Sports 3 Speed is still prized by cyclists for its comfort, versatility, and value.

The Raleigh Sports 3 Speed is a great bike for anyone looking for a simple, affordable way to get around. This bike is perfect for commuting or running errands, and it’s also great for leisurely rides around the neighborhood. The Raleigh Sports 3 Speed is comfortable and easy to ride, and it’s built to last.

This bike is a great value for the money, and it’s sure to provide years of enjoyment.

Are 3 Speed Bikes Good?

There are a few things to consider when wondering if a 3-speed bike is good. One is the rider’s needs and another is the bike’s features. For some riders, a 3-speed bike may be just perfect.

For others, it might not be enough speed. It really depends on what you need and wants in a bike. A 3-speed bike usually has one shifter with three gears in the front, and one rear cog with three gears.

This gives you nine different gear combinations to choose from. You can use these different combinations of gears to make pedaling easier or harder, depending on what you need at the time. One advantage of having fewer speeds is that it can make shifting simpler since there are fewer options to choose from.

With only three gears in the front, it’s easy to remember which combination works best for different situations – like pedaling up a hill or riding into a strong headwind – without having to think too much about it. This can be helpful if you’re new to biking or don’t want to have to think about shifting all the time while you’re riding. Another thing to consider is that fewer speeds often means fewer parts overall on the bike, which can lead to reduced maintenance costs down the road since there are fewer moving parts that can potentially break or require tune-ups.

So ultimately, whether or not a 3-speed bike is good for you depends on your individual needs as a rider and what you’re looking for in a bicycle. If simplicity and low maintenance costs are important factors for you, then a 3-speed could be just what you need.

When Did 3 Speed Bikes Come Out?

The first 3-speed bike is thought to have been invented in 1885 by Mikael Pedersen. However, the first commercially successful 3-speed bike didn’t appear until 1934, when Shiro Nakajima introduced his “Aerocycle” in Japan. It wasn’t until the 1960s that 3-speed bikes became popular in the Western world.

Mikael Pedersen was a Danish inventor and blacksmith who came up with the idea for the 3-speed bike while working on a new type of suspension for bicycles. He patented his design in 1887, but it wasn’t until 34 years later that Nakajima’s Aerocycle hit the market. The Aerocycle had three gears and was much easier to ride than a traditional bicycle.

It quickly became popular in Japan, and by the 1960s, 3-speed bikes were being manufactured by several different companies in Europe and America. 3-speed bikes are ideal for riders who want a bit more versatility than a single-speed or fixed-gear bike can offer but don’t need the extra complexity or weight of a multi-speed derailleur system. They’re also perfect for beginner cyclists who are still getting used to shifting gears.

If you’re looking for a simple yet reliable bicycle that can handle a variety of terrain types, a 3 speed bike might be just what you need.

What Year is My Raleigh Bike?

If you’re trying to figure out what year your Raleigh bike is, there are a few things you can look for. First, on the frame of most Raleigh bikes will be a sticker with the serial number. You can use this serial number to narrow down the range of years your bike was made in.

There are a few websites that allow you to input your Raleigh bike’s serial number and they’ll give you an estimated year range. Another thing you can look at is the componentry on your bike. If it has older-style components, it’s likely an older bike.

Conversely, if it has newer-style components, it’s likely a newer bike. Of course, this isn’t an exact science as component manufacturers often change styles gradually over time rather than switching abruptly. If you still can’t quite narrow down the year of your Raleigh bike after looking at these things, your best bet is to take it to a local bicycle shop and ask them.

The staff there should be able to help you figure it out based on their experience with Raleigh bikes.

When Did They Stop Making Raleigh Bikes?

Raleigh bikes have been in production since 1887. However, the company has changed hands several times and gone through various restructurings. As a result, Raleigh bikes are no longer made in the UK.

Instead, they are now produced in Asia. The last Raleigh bike to be made in the UK was the Record Ace, which was discontinued in 2002.

70’s Raleigh Sports 3 Speed

Vintage Raleigh Sports 3-Speed

The Raleigh Sports 3-speed is a classic bicycle that has been around for decades. It is known for its simple design and easy-to-ride nature. The bike is perfect for those who want to take a leisurely ride or even commute to work.

The Raleigh Sports 3-speed is affordable and can be found at most bike shops.


1973 Raleigh Sports 3 Speed: Raleigh produced the Sports 3-speed from approximately 1955 until 1973. It was a very popular model, and many were exported to the US market.

The Raleigh Sports was a simple, sturdy, and reliable bicycle that was well-suited for everyday use. It was available in both men’s and women’s versions and could be had with either 26″ or 27″ wheels.

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