1979 Schwinn Le Tour Iv Complete Guide

The Schwinn Le Tour was introduced in 1974 as an update to the popular Schwinn Continental. The Le Tour featured a lighter frame and higher-quality components than the Continental. The Le Tour quickly became one of Schwinn’s most popular models, and in 1979, the Le Tour IV was introduced.

The Le Tour IV featured a Reynolds 531 double-butted steel frame, Shimano Dura-Ace components, and Mavic rims. The Le Tour IV was one of the lightest and best-equipped bikes available at the time, and it quickly became a favorite among serious cyclists.

The Schwinn Le Tour IV was a high-end road bicycle introduced in 1979. It was part of the Schwinn World Tour series, which also included the Continental and Super LeTour models. The LeTour IV featured Reynolds 531 double-butted tubing, Campagnolo Nuovo Record components, and Mafac cantilever brakes.

It sold for $659 in 1979, which would be about $2,200 in today’s dollars. The LeTour IV was one of the first production bikes to come equipped with Shimano Dura-Ace components, which were introduced in 1974. Shimano Dura-Ace is still considered to be one of the best groupsets available, and it’s interesting to see that it started appearing on production bikes as early as 1979.

The bike also came with Mavic MA40 rims, which were made in France. These rims were very popular at the time and were used on many high-end bikes. They’re no longer made, but you can still find them on eBay from time to time.

Overall, the Schwinn LeTour IV was a very high-quality bike that was ahead of its time in many ways. If you’re lucky enough to find one for sale today, it would make a great addition to any collection!

1979 Schwinn Le Tour Iv Complete Guide

Are Old Schwinn Bikes Worth Anything?

Old Schwinn bikes can be worth a lot or a little depending on their condition and whether they are an antique. If you have an old Schwinn bike that is in good condition, it could be worth hundreds of dollars. However, if the bike is in poor condition or is not an antique, it may only be worth a few dollars.

How Do You Date a Schwinn Le Tour?

Schwinn Le Tour bicycles are highly sought after by collectors and cyclists alike. While the company is no longer in business, these classic bikes can still be found on the market – if you know where to look. Here are a few tips on how to date a Schwinn Le Tour bicycle:

1. Check the serial number. The first two letters of the serial number will indicate the month and year of manufacture. For example, a serial number starting with “BH” would indicate that the bike was made in February of 1984.

2. Examine the components. Most Schwinn Le Tour bicycles were equipped with Shimano or Sugino drivetrains. If your bike has a different brand of components, it may have been retrofitted at some point and is not an original Le Tour.

3. Look for evidence of wear and tear. These bikes were designed for long-distance touring, so they should show signs of use if they’re genuine Le Tours. Look for things like scratches on the frame, wear on the tires, etc.

4 . Compare prices . Because Schwinn Le Tours are so desirable, they often sell for much higher than their original retail price – even if they’re not in perfect condition .

If you find one selling for an unusually low price , it’s likely not a real Le Tour .

When was Schwinn Le Tour Made?

Schwinn Le Tour was made in 1974. It was one of Schwinn’s top-of-the-line touring bikes, and sold for $200. The bike had a lugged steel frame, 10-speed Shimano derailleurs, and 27″ wheels.

When was the Schwinn Le Tour 3 Made?

The Schwinn Le Tour 3 was made in 1982. It was a lower-end model in the Le Tour line, and it was only made for one year. It had a steel frame and fork, Shimano derailleurs and shifters, and 27″ wheels.

It was not a very popular model, and it is now quite rare.

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1979 Schwinn Catalog

The Schwinn Catalog for 1979 is now available online! This comprehensive catalog includes detailed information and photos of all the latest Schwinn models, as well as specs and pricing. Whether you’re looking for a new bike to ride or just want to drool over the latest and greatest from Schwinn, this catalog is a must-see.


The 1979 Schwinn Le Tour IV was a top-of-the-line road bike that was ahead of its time. It featured a lightweight frame, Shimano gears, and powerful brakes. The Le Tour IV was the perfect bike for those who wanted to go fast and were willing to pay for it.

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