1980’S Schwinn Traveler Road Bike

The Schwinn Traveler was a road bike produced by the Schwinn Bicycle Company in the 1980s. It was intended for use as a touring or racing bike, and was equipped with features such as drop handlebars, 27-inch wheels, and frame-mounted water bottle cage mounts. The Traveler was available in several different frame sizes and component configurations, allowing riders to choose the setup that best suited their needs.

The 1980’s Schwinn Traveler road bike is a classic beauty. It’s a great bike for anyone looking for a vintage ride that’s still in excellent condition. The bike has been lovingly cared for and it shows in its shiny chrome finish and smooth ride.

This bike is perfect for anyone who wants to take a leisurely ride around town or go on longer rides on the open road. The Schwinn Traveler is a true classic that will continue to turn heads for years to come.

1980'S Schwinn Traveler Road Bike

Where is the Serial Number on a Schwinn Traveler?

Assuming you are referring to a Schwinn Traveler bicycle, the serial number is located on the left rear dropout.

How Much Does a Schwinn Traveler Weigh?

A Schwinn Traveler typically weighs around 30 pounds. This can vary depending on the specific model and what materials it is made out of. For example, some models may weigh more or less depending on whether they are made out of aluminum or steel.

In general, though, a Schwinn Traveler will usually fall within the 30 pound range.

How Much is an Older Schwinn Bike Worth?

Assuming you are talking about a vintage Schwinn bike, they can be worth quite a bit. It really depends on the model and condition of the bike. A well-maintained older Schwinn bike could easily sell for a few hundred dollars, while a rarer model in mint condition could go for much more.

So, it really varies depending on the particular bike you have.

What Years was the Schwinn World Tourist Made?

The Schwinn World Tourist was made from 1976 to 1983. It was a popular model, and was one of the first bikes made with a chromoly frame. The bike was designed for touring and commuting, and had features like fenders and rack mounts.

Schwinn Traveler & Traveler III – Vintage Touring Bike Check – BikemanforU

Schwinn Traveler Bike 1979

The Schwinn Traveler was a road bicycle produced by the Schwinn Bicycle Company from 1979 to 1983. It was notable for its use of Tange Champion tubing and lugged frame construction. The Traveler was available in ten, twelve, and fourteen speeds, with gear ranges from 27″ to 84″.

The Schwinn Traveler was introduced in 1979 as a replacement for the Schwinn Varsity. It featured Tange Champion tubing, lugged frame construction, and chromed fork blades and stays. The bike was available in ten, twelve, or fourteen speeds, with gear ranges from 27″ to 84″.

The Traveler quickly became one of Schwinn’s most popular models. In 1980, it was joined by the more upscale Super Le Tour 12.2 model, which featured Campagnolo components and Reynolds 531 tubing. By 1982, the popularity of road cycling had begun to decline in the U.S., and Schwinn discontinued the Traveler after just four years on the market.

Today, vintage examples of the bike are highly sought-after by collectors.


The Schwinn Traveler was a popular road bike in the 1980s. It was known for its comfort and durability. The bike was equipped with a steel frame, wide tires, and a comfortable seat.

It was a great choice for cyclists who wanted a reliable bike that could handle long rides.

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