1981 Schwinn Super Le Tour

The 1981 Schwinn Super Le Tour is a road bicycle that was made in America. It has a steel frame and fork, 27-inch wheels, and 10-speed Shimano drivetrain. The bike was designed for touring and racing.

It is a lightweight bicycle that is easy to handle and ride. The Super Le Tour is a great choice for anyone looking for a quality road bike that will last for many years.

The 1981 Schwinn Super Le Tour is a classic road bike that has been ridden by some of the biggest names in cycling. This bike was designed for long distance riding and it has all of the features that you need to make your ride comfortable. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum and it has a carbon fiber fork that absorbs vibration.

The wheels are 700c and they are equipped with quick release hubs. The gearing is Shimano Dura-Ace with a wide range of gears to choose from. This bike also has fenders and racks, which makes it perfect for touring or commuting.

1981 Schwinn Super Le Tour

How Do You Date a Schwinn Le Tour?

Schwinn Le Tour bikes were first manufactured in the early 1970s. These bikes were designed for long-distance touring and racing. The Schwinn Le Tour is a steel frame bike with drop handlebars, 27-inch wheels and derailleur gearing.

If you are interested in purchasing a vintage Schwinn Le Tour, there are a few things you should know about dating these bikes. The first step in dating a Schwinn Le Tour is to identify the year of production. This can be done by looking at the serial number stamped on the bottom bracket of the bike frame.

The first two digits of the serial number will correspond to the last two digits of the production year. For example, if the serial number begins with “72”, then this indicates that the bike was produced in 1972. Once you have determined the production year, you can narrow down your search for specific models by reference catalogs or online resources such as eBay listings.

There were four different models of Schwinn Le Tour produced each year from 1971-1974. These include: 1971 – Super leTour 12-speed

1972 – Grand leTour 10-speed 1973 – Sportif leTour 10-speed 1974 – Tandem leTour 10-speed

Knowing which model you are looking for will help you find more accurate pricing information and also aid in your search for specific parts or accessories if needed. When inspecting a potential purchase, pay close attention to all aspects of the bike including frame geometry, paint condition, tire wear and any rust or damage present on metal parts. These factors can affect both performance and aesthetics so it is important to take them into consideration when making your decision.

Overall, investing in a vintage Schwinn Le Tour can be a great way to get your hands on an iconic piece of cycling history!

When was Schwinn Le Tour Made?

The Schwinn Le Tour was first introduced in 1974 as a budget-friendly option for cyclists looking for a quality touring bike. The Le Tour quickly gained popularity among riders looking to explore the open road and has remained one of Schwinn’s most popular models over the past four decades. Today, the Le Tour is still revered by riders and collectors alike as one of the best values in cycling.

When was the Schwinn Le Tour 3 Made?

The Schwinn Le Tour 3 was made in 2009. It is a road bike that is part of the Schwinn’s World Tour series. The bike has a lightweight aluminum frame and fork with Shimano Sora 18-speed components.

The Le Tour 3 also has integrated shifters/brake levers, an Aero seatpost, and alloy double-wall rims.

Where is Serial Number on Schwinn?

If you’re looking for the serial number on your Schwinn bike, it will be located on the bottom bracket. The bottom bracket is where the pedals and crank arms are attached to the frame. On most Schwinn bikes, the serial number will be stamped or etched into the metal of the bottom bracket.

If you can’t find the serial number there, check near the front head tube or on the rear stays. The serial number on a Schwinn bike can be used to date the bike and determine which factory produced it. The first two letters of a Schwinn serial number indicate when and where it was made:

The first letter indicates which factory produced the bike: B = Chicago, Illinois (1938-1982) K = Kochsville, Missouri (1965-1979)

V = Arlington Heights, Illinois (1984-present) S = Taiwan ROC (since c. 2000) The second letter indicates in which month of that year it was made:

A=January B=February C=March D=April E=May F=June G=July H=August I=September J=October K=November L=December M=(Made in Mexico since 2006).

My 1980 Schwinn LeTour

Schwinn Super Le Tour 2

The Schwinn Super Le Tour 2 is a vintage road bike that was first introduced in 1972. It was one of the first bikes to be equipped with Shimano’s Dura-Ace components, which made it a very popular choice among competitive cyclists at the time. The Super Le Tour 2 was also notable for its use of chrome-plated tubing, which gave it a very distinctive look.

Today, the Super Le Tour 2 is highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts due to its historic significance and unique design. If you’re lucky enough to find one in good condition, it’s definitely worth adding to your collection!


The Schwinn Super Le Tour was a popular road bike in the early 1980s. It was known for its light weight and comfortable riding position. The Super Le Tour was also one of the first bikes to come equipped with Shimano components, which made it a favorite among serious cyclists.

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