1987 Bianchi Campione D Italia

I was lucky enough to find this 1987 Bianchi Campione D Italia in a second-hand shop. The bike is in great condition and it rides beautifully. It’s been my daily rider for the past few months and I’ve never had any problems with it.

The Campione D Italia is a classic Italian racing bike and it’s one of the most iconic bikes of the 1980s. It’s made from Columbus tubing and it has a Campagnolo groupset. The bike is very light and stiff, making it perfect for racing.

If you’re looking for a classic Italian road bike, then the Bianchi Campione D’Italia is the perfect choice.

The 1987 Bianchi Campione D Italia is a classic Italian road racing bicycle. It was made famous by its use in the Giro d’Italia, where it was ridden to victory by Roberto Visentini. The bike has a Columbus tubing frame and Campagnolo components.

It is a beautiful example of Italian craftsmanship.

1987 Bianchi Campione D Italia

What is the 1987 Bianchi Campione D Italia

In 1987, the Italian company Bianchi introduced the Campione d’Italia, a road racing bicycle. The bike was designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic, with a frame made of Columbus tubing and equipped with Campagnolo components. The Campione d’Italia quickly became a popular choice for professional cyclists, and it helped Bianchi earn a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of racing bicycles.

Today, the Campione d’Italia is still considered a top-of-the-line racing bike, and it remains a popular choice for competitive cyclists.

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Back in 1987, the Bianchi Campione D Italia was one of the most popular road bikes on the market. Today, it’s a bit of a cult classic among cyclists. The frame is made from Columbus tubing and is built to last.

The bike is also equipped with Shimano components, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a quality road bike.

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