1987 Schwinn Le Tour Value

The Schwinn Le Tour was introduced in 1987 as the company’s top-of-the-line touring bicycle. It was a departure from earlier Schwinn models in that it featured a lighter frame and higher-quality components. The Le Tour quickly became one of the most popular touring bikes on the market, and its reputation for reliability and comfort helped cement Schwinn’s position as one of the leading manufacturers of bicycles.

Today, the Le Tour is still highly sought after by cyclists looking for a dependable and comfortable touring bike. While its original price tag of $1,000 made it one of the most expensive bikes on the market at the time, its current value is significantly lower. However, depending on the condition of the bike and its components, a well-maintained Le Tour can still fetch a decent price on the used market.

If you’re looking for a classic road bike with modern features, the 1987 Schwinn Le Tour is a great option. This bike was ahead of its time when it was first released, and it’s still a great choice for riders today. While the value of this bike will vary depending on its condition and how many miles it has been ridden, you can expect to pay around $500 for a good quality used model.

If you’re lucky enough to find a mint condition Le Tour, you could be looking at a price tag of over $1000. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just getting started, the Schwinn Le Tour is a great option that’s sure to provide years of riding enjoyment.

What Kind of Bike is the Schwinn Le Tour?

What Kind of Bike is the Schwinn Le Tour?

Assuming you are referring to the Schwinn Le Tour Sport: The Le Tour Sport was a road bicycle produced by Schwinn from 1971 until 1986. It was part of Schwinn’s World Tourist line, and was similar to the Continental and SuperSport models.

The Le Tour Sport had a lugged steel frame, chrome-plated forks, and alloy components. It was equipped with either Campagnolo or Shimano derailleurs and shifters. The bike was popular with touring cyclists and racing cyclists alike.

Many riders used the Le Tour Sport as their main bike, while others used it as a backup or training bike. The bike’s popularity dwindled in the mid-1980s as Shimano began to dominate the market with its own line of road bikes. The Le Tour Sport was discontinued in 1986.

What is the Value of an Old Schwinn Bicycle?

What is the Value of an Old Schwinn Bicycle?

There are a few factors that will affect the value of an old Schwinn bicycle. The first is the condition of the bike. If it is in good condition, with all original parts, it will be worth more than if it is in poor condition or missing parts.

The second factor is the model of the bike. Some models are more valuable than others. The third factor is whether or not the bike has been restored.

A restored bike will usually be worth more than one that has not been restored. Assuming the bike is in good condition and has all original parts, a common model Schwinn bicycle from the 1950s might be worth $200-$300. A rarer model could be worth $500 or more.

If the bike has been fully restored, it could be worth $1,000 or more.

How Do You Date a Schwinn Le Tour?

How Do You Date a Schwinn Le Tour?

Assuming you would like tips on dating a Schwinn Le Tour bicycle: The first step is to identify the model year of your bike. The easiest way to do this is by looking at the serial number, which is typically located on the under side of the bottom bracket.

Once you know the model year, you can research that specific year and learn more about what features and components were available on that particular bike. This will give you a good starting point for understanding your bike and help narrow down its age. If you’re still not sure about the model year, another option is to take some measurements of key parts on the bike and compare them against known dimension databases for different Schwinn models.

This can be a bit more tedious, but it’s usually possible to get within a few years using this method. Once you have a good grasp of what kind of Schwinn Le Tour you have, it’s time to start thinking about its value. Of course, there are many factors that go into determining value, such as condition, rarity, provenance (i.e., history), and current market trends.

However, as a general rule of thumb, older bikes are often worth more than newer ones simply because they’re harder to come by. With that said, certain models and years are definitely more coveted than others—so it pays to do your homework before making any assumptions about value. If you’re hoping to sell your Schwinn Le Tour down the road (or even if you just want to insure it), it’s important to keep meticulous records throughout the restoration process documenting everything from original paint colors to replacement parts used.

Not only will this help maximize its resale value—it will also make it much easier (and more enjoyable) should you ever decide to take another spin down memory lane!

When was the Schwinn Le Tour 3 Made?

The Schwinn Le Tour 3 was made in 1983. It was the third version of the Le Tour, which was first introduced in 1974. The Le Tour 3 had a number of improvements over the previous versions, including a lighter frame, improved brakes, and a lower price.


Schwinn Le Tour Serial Numbers

If you’re a Schwinn fan, you might be interested in finding out more about the company’s history. One way to do this is by looking up the serial numbers on your bike. Here’s a guide to help you decode those numbers and learn more about your Le Tour bicycle.

The first two digits of the serial number indicate the year the bike was made. The next two digits tell you the month, and the last four digits represent the production number for that month (e.g., if it says 1234, that means your bike was the 1,234th one made that month). Here’s a key to help you decipher those numbers:

1-12 = January-December 10-19 = 2010-2019 20-29 = 2020-2029

30-39 = 2030-2039 40+ = 2040 and beyond So, if you have a Schwinn Le Tour with serial number 111234, that means it was made in November of 2010 and was the 1234th bike produced that month.

Pretty cool, right?


If you’re looking for a vintage Schwinn Le Tour bike from 1987, you might be wondering how much it’s worth. While the value of any bike depends on its condition, a mint condition Le Tour from that year could fetch around $500. A used one in good condition might go for half that amount.

So, if you come across an old Le Tour at a garage sale or flea market, it’s definitely worth taking a closer look!

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