1987 Schwinn Sierra Mountain Bike

When it comes to mountain bikes, the Schwinn Sierra is a classic. This bike was first introduced in 1987 and quickly became a favorite among cyclists. The Sierra features a lightweight frame, making it easy to maneuver on rough terrain.

Additionally, the bike is equipped with Shimano gears and brakes, making it a reliable option for both beginners and experienced riders alike.

If you’re looking for a mountain bike that can handle anything you throw at it, the 1987 Schwinn Sierra is a great option. This bike is built with a durable steel frame and features front and rear suspension to help absorb bumps and shocks. The 27-inch wheels make this bike easy to control on rough terrain, and the 21-speed drivetrain gives you plenty of gears to choose from when climbing hills or cruising on flat ground.

With its versatile design and reliable components, the Schwinn Sierra is a great choice for anyone who wants a dependable mountain bike that can tackle any trail.

Is a Schwinn Sierra a Mountain Bike?

Is a Schwinn Sierra a Mountain Bike?

There is some debate on whether the Schwinn Sierra can be classified as a mountain bike. Some say yes, due to its design and features that are common in mountain bikes. Others say no, because it doesn’t have certain features that are typically found in mountain bikes.

So, what’s the verdict? The Sierra does have some characteristics of a mountain bike. It has a strong frame designed for off-road riding, and it has front suspension forks to absorb bumps and jolts.

It also has wide tires with good tread for traction on dirt and gravel paths. However, it lacks some key features that most mountain bikes have. For one, it doesn’t have gears or shifters specifically designed for climbing hills; instead, it has only two speed settings (low and high).

Additionally, the brakes on the Sierra are not as powerful as those found on most mountain bikes. So, while the Sierra does have some features that make it suitable for off-road riding, it falls short in others. Therefore, we think it’s fair to say that it is not a true mountain bike.

Who Makes Schwinn Mountain Bikes?

Who Makes Schwinn Mountain Bikes?

Schwinn mountain bikes are made by Pacific Cycle, Inc., which is a subsidiary of Dorel Industries, Inc. Dorel Industries is a Canadian company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of bicycles, strollers, car seats, and other juvenile products. Schwinn is one of the oldest and most well-known bicycle brands in the world.

Founded in Chicago in 1895, Schwinn has been producing quality bicycles for over 120 years. Today, Schwinn offers a full line of adult and child bicycles that are designed to meet the needs of every rider. Whether you’re looking for a simple cruiser to take on your next family vacation or a high-performance mountain bike to tackle the trails, Schwinn has a bike that’s perfect for you.

Where are Schwinn Mountain Bikes Made?

Schwinn mountain bikes are made in the United States. The company has two factories, one in Kentucky and one in Missouri.

Vintage Schwinn Sierra Mountain/Trail bike 1987

Schwinn Sierra Mountain Bike Review

The Schwinn Sierra is a great mountain bike for beginners. It has 21 speeds and a durable steel frame. The bike is also equipped with Shimano components, which are known for their quality and durability.

The bike’s suspension system provides a smooth ride on rough terrain. Overall, the Schwinn Sierra is a great value for the price and would be a great choice for someone looking for a beginner mountain bike.


In 1987, Schwinn released the Sierra, a mountain bike designed for both on- and off-road riding. The Sierra featured a number of innovative features for its time, including a suspension fork and frame, disc brakes, and 26-inch wheels. Today, the Sierra is considered a classic mountain bike and is highly sought after by collectors and riders alike.

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