1989 Raleigh Technium Mountain Bike

In 1989, Raleigh produced the Technium Mountain Bike. It was made with a Reynolds 531 frame and came equipped with Shimano Deore DX components. The bike was designed for cross-country riding and had a retail price of $1,195.00.

It weighed in at 27 pounds and was considered to be a very lightweight mountain bike for its time. The Raleigh Technium Mountain Bike was one of the first mass-produced mountain bikes on the market and is considered by many to be a classic in the world of mountain biking.

This bike is a Raleigh Technium mountain bike from 1989. It’s a steel frame with 26″ wheels and Shimano components. This was my first mountain bike and it served me well for many years of riding.

I’ve since upgraded to a newer model but I still have fond memories of this bike.

What Kind of Mountain Bike is the 1989 Raleigh Technium

-What Kind of Mountain Bike is the 1989 Raleigh Technium

The 1989 Raleigh Technium was a mountain bike with an aluminum frame. It had 21 speeds and was marketed as a “cross-country” bike. The bike was equipped with front and rear suspension, Shimano components, and V-brakes.

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Raleigh Technium Mountain Bike Price

The Raleigh Technium mountain bike is a great value at its price point. It features a lightweight aluminum frame and fork, 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, and mechanical disc brakes. The bike is also equipped with front and rear suspension, making it ideal for trail riding.

Overall, the Raleigh Technium is a great option for those looking for a quality mountain bike on a budget.


This bike is a Raleigh Technium Mountain Bike from 1989. It has been ridden less than 500 miles and is in great condition. The bike was purchased new by the owner and has been stored indoors since then.

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