2001 Lemond Alpe D Huez

One of the most popular cycling routes in the world is the 2001 Lemond Alpe D Huez. The route takes cyclists up the 21 hairpin bends of the Alpe d’Huez mountain in the French Alps. The climb is notoriously difficult, with an average gradient of 8.1%.

However, it’s also one of the most scenic routes, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The Lemond Alpe D Huez route was first used in the Tour de France in 1952 and has been used a total of 33 times since then. It’s become a firm favourite with both riders and fans alike.

In 2001, Lance Armstrong set a new record for the fastest time up the mountain, completing the climb in 37 minutes and 15 seconds.

When it comes to the best cycling climbs, the 2001 Lemond Alpe D Huez is definitely up there. This climb was made famous by the Tour de France and has since become a mecca for cyclists from all over the world. The view from the top is truly breathtaking and the sense of accomplishment you feel when you reach the summit is unmatched.

If you’re looking for a challenge and an amazing experience, then this is definitely the climb for you.

Q: When was the 2001 Lemond Alpe D Huez Released

Q: When was the 2001 Lemond Alpe D Huez Released

A: The 2001 Lemond Alpe D’Huez was released in September of that year. It was the first aluminum framed bike from the company and featured a carbon fiber fork. The bike was designed for use on the mountainous terrain of the Tour de France, which it proved itself on when Lance Armstrong rode it to victory in that year’s race.


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What Type of Frame is Used on the 2001 Lemond Alpe D Huez

Q:What Type of Frame is Used on the 2001 Lemond Alpe D Huez

A: The 2001 Lemond Alpe D Huez uses an aluminum frame. This is a common material for road bike frames, as it is lightweight and affordable.


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Q:Which Size Wheels Does the 2001 Lemond Alpe D Huez Come With

A: The 2001 Lemond Alpe D Huez comes with 700c wheels.

1986 Tour de France Climb to Alpe de Huez

2003 Lemond Alpe D Huez

When it comes to the 2003 Lemond Alpe D Huez, there are a few things that stand out. For starters, this was the year that Lance Armstrong came back from cancer and won his fifth Tour de France. And while he didn’t win the Alpe D’Huez stage, he did come in second place behind teammate Tyler Hamilton.

But what really made the 2003 Alpe D’Huez stage memorable was the fact that it was affected by some bad weather. Snow had fallen overnight and made conditions on the mountain very difficult. In fact, race organizers even considered cancelling the stage at one point.

But in the end, they decided to go ahead with it and it turned out to be one of the most epic stages in Tour de France history. The riders who made it to the top were rewarded with one of the most beautiful views in all of cycling. And when it was all said and done, Armstrong’s return to racing after cancer was an inspiration to us all.

2003 Lemond Alpe D Huez


It was the first year that the Alpe D Huez stage of the Tour de France was held as a time trial, and it was also the last year that Lance Armstrong would win the Tour. The stage itself was won by Jan Ullrich, who beat Armstrong by just over a minute.

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