2003 Specialized S Works E5

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a chance to ride my 2003 Specialized S Works E5. I bought it used, and it’s been my go-to bike ever since. It’s comfortable, efficient, and just feels good to ride.

I’ve put a lot of miles on it, and it’s still going strong. I recently took it out for a spin on the local trails, and it was like riding a new bike all over again. The suspension is still buttery smooth, and the brakes are as responsive as ever.

It handles like a dream and climbs like a champ. I’m really glad I decided to buy this bike – it’s truly one of a kind.

The Specialized S Works E5 is a road bike that was released in 2003. It was designed to be an all-around performer, and it excelled at both climbing and descending. The frame is made from aluminum, and it features a carbon fork.

The bike is equipped with Shimano Ultegra components, including shifters, derailleurs, and brakes. The wheels are Mavic Ksyrium Elite clinchers. The S Works E5 is a great choice for riders who want a fast and lightweight bike that can handle any terrain.

Is Specialized Same As S-Works

Is Specialized Same As S-Works?

No, “specialized” and “S-Works” are not the same. Specialized is a brand name and S-Works is a model within that brand. There are other models of specialized bikes as well, such as the Allez, Roubaix, and Tarmac.

The S-Works models are generally the top-of-the-line bikes with the best components, while the other models offer more budget-friendly options.

What is S Work Bike?

A work bike is a bicycle that is used for commuting to and from work, as well as for running errands or getting around town during the day. Work bikes are usually equipped with a few extra features that make them more versatile and practical than a traditional road or mountain bike, such as racks and fenders, cargo baskets or bags, and lights. Many people find that riding a bike to work saves time and money, helps them stay fit and healthy, and reduces their carbon footprint.

Where is S-Works Manufactured?

Where is S-Works Manufactured?

S-Works is a line of high-end bicycles and components manufactured by Specialized Bicycle Components. The company is based in Morgan Hill, California, and was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard. Specialized has always been a leader in the cycling industry, innovating new technologies and designs that have made them one of the most respected brands in the business.

The S-Works line represents the very best that Specialized has to offer, with bikes and components that are designed to be the fastest and most technologically advanced on the market. All S-Works bikes and components are manufactured at Specialized’s headquarters in Morgan Hill. This allows the company to maintain tight quality control over every aspect of production, from design and engineering to final assembly.

The result is a range of products that are second to none in terms of performance, quality, and attention to detail. If you’re looking for the very best that cycling has to offer, then you need look no further than S-Works.

2003 Specialized S Works E5

Why are S-Works Bikes So Expensive?

S-Works bikes are some of the most expensive on the market because they’re made with high-end materials and components. For example, S-Works frames are typically made from carbon fiber, which is a lightweight and strong material that’s used in many high-end bikes. Carbon fiber is more expensive than other materials like aluminum or steel, so that contributes to the higher price tag of S-Works bikes.

In addition to using premium materials, S-Works bikes also usually have top-of-the-line components. For instance, many S-Works models come equipped with SRAM RED eTap groupsets, which are among the best and most expensive groupsets available. So again, all of these factors add up to make S-Works bikes some of the most costly on the market.

That said, you definitely get what you pay for with an S-Works bike. These bicycles are designed and built to be incredibly fast and perform at the highest level. If you’re looking for a top-of-the line race machine or simply want the best of the best, then an S-Works bike is worth considering – even if it does come at a steep price tag.


2004 Specialized S-Works E5

The Specialized S-Works E5 is a road bike that was released in 2004. It was part of the company’s “E” series of bikes, which were designed for racing. The E5 was made from aluminum and featured a carbon fiber fork.

It had a Shimano Ultegra drivetrain and came equipped with Specialized’s own ProRace wheelset. The bike had a retail price of $2,200. The S-Works E5 was praised by reviewers for its light weight and stiffness.

They also liked the bike’s ride quality and handling. However, some criticized the Ultegra drivetrain for being too basic for a bike at this price point. Overall, the S-Works E5 was a good choice for riders looking for a fast and lightweight road bike that could be used for racing or general riding.


The Specialized S Works E5 was a limited edition bike released in 2003. It was made with a lightweight aluminum frame and featured Shimano Dura-Ace components. The bike was designed for racing and only 1,000 were made.

It is now considered a collector’s item.

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