2007 Specialized S Works Tarmac

2007 Specialized S Works Tarmac – The 2007 Specialized S Works Tarmac is a top of the line racing bicycle. It is made with high-end materials and components, and it has a very light weight. This bike is designed for speed and efficiency, and it rides extremely well.

The only downside to this bike is its high price tag.

The 2007 Specialized S Works Tarmac is a top of the line road bike that offers excellent performance and ride quality. It’s made with high-end materials like carbon fiber and titanium, which makes it extremely light and stiff. The frame is also designed to be aerodynamic, so you’ll slice through the wind on your rides.

This bike is perfect for experienced riders who want to go fast and take their cycling to the next level. If you’re looking for a high-performance road bike, the Specialized S Works Tarmac is a great option.

Is Specialized Tarmac a Climbing Bike

Is Specialized Tarmac a Climbing Bike?

The Tarmac is a road racing bike that has been designed to be lightweight and stiff, with race-oriented geometry. It is not typically considered a climbing bike because it is not as well-suited to climbing as some other bikes. However, the Tarmac can be a good choice for climbers who are also looking for a fast and efficient bike for flat and rolling terrain.

What is the Difference between Specialized And S-Works?

When it comes to road bikes, there are two main types: specialized and S-Works. Specialized road bikes are designed for specific riding conditions and terrain, while S-Works road bikes are designed for ultimate performance. Here’s a closer look at the key differences between these two types of road bikes:

Specialized Road Bikes As their name suggests, specialized road bikes are designed for specific riding conditions and terrain. For example, you might find a specialized road bike that’s been specifically designed for racing in the mountains.

These bikes tend to be lighter weight than other road bike types, making them easier to handle on steep inclines. They also often have features such as wider tires and suspension forks to help absorb bumps and shocks from the terrain. S-Works Road Bikes

S-Works road bikes are designed with one thing in mind: performance. These bikes are built for riders who want the absolute best in terms of speed, handling and power. To that end, S-Worksroad bikes tend to be much higher quality than other types of road bike – they use lighter weight materials, more advanced components and often have custom geometry that’s been optimized for speed and power output.

Of course, all this comes at a price – S-Worksroad bikes can often cost upwards of $10,000!

What Year was Tarmac Sl5

What Year was Tarmac Sl5?

Tarmac SL5 was released in 2019. It is a premium alloy road bike frame that is designed for racing. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum and features a carbon fiber fork.

The geometry of the frame is designed to provide a fast and efficient ride. The bike comes equipped with Shimano Ultegra components and wheels.

Is S-Works And Specialized the Same Brand?

No, S-Works and Specialized are not the same brand. Although both brands are owned by the same company, they each have their own distinct identity. S-Works is Specialized’s performance line, while Specialized focuses on producing high-quality bicycles for all riders.

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2007 Specialized S-Works Tarmac Sl

2007 Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL When it comes to race bikes, the Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL is in a class of its own. This lightweight bike is designed for speed and performance, and it definitely delivers.

The Tarmac SL has a carbon fiber frame and fork that make it extremely light and stiff, yet still comfortable to ride. It’s equipped with Shimano Ultegra components, which are some of the best in the business. The wheels are Mavic Ksyrium Elite clinchers, which are both strong and lightweight.

Overall, this bike is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into road racing or simply improve their performance on the pavement.

2007 Specialized S-Works Tarmac Sl


The 2007 Specialized S Works Tarmac is a top-of-the-line racing bike that is designed for speed and efficiency. The frame is made of lightweight carbon fiber, and the bike comes equipped with high-end components such as Shimano Dura Ace shifters and brakes. The S Works Tarmac is also available in a women’s specific model, which features a shorter reach to the handlebars and a smaller frame size.

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