2018 Specialized Roubaix Max Tire Size

The 2018 Specialized Roubaix is a road bike that can accommodate tires up to 32mm wide. This makes it a great choice for riders who want a bike that can handle rough roads and even some light off-road riding. The Roubaix has a durable frame and fork that can take plenty of abuse, and the Shimano 105 drivetrain provides plenty of gears for climbing hills or sprinting for the finish line.

In 2018, Specialized released the Roubaix with a maximum tire size of 30mm. This was a huge change from the previous generation, which had a maximum tire size of 28mm. The new Roubaix is designed to be more comfortable and efficient, and the larger tires play a big role in that.

They provide more cushioning and grip, which makes for a smoother ride. And because they’re wider, they also create less rolling resistance. That means you can go faster with less effort.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and fast road bike, then the new Roubaix is definitely worth considering. Just be aware that you’ll need to use bigger tires than what come standard on most bikes.

2018 Specialized Roubaix Max Tire Size

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How Wide are Specialized Roubaix Tires?

There are a few different widths of Specialized Roubaix tires available, depending on the model of bike. The S-Works Roubaix has a tire width of 30mm, while the regular Roubaix has a tire width of 28mm. There is also a Pro version with a tire width of 26mm.

Can I Ride My Roubaix on Gravel?

The quick answer is yes, you can ride your Roubaix on gravel. The bike is designed for smooth roads, but its geometry means it can handle rougher terrain than most road bikes. Just be aware that the tyres are narrower than those on a mountain bike or cyclocross bike, so you won’t have as much grip on loose surfaces.

If you’re planning to do more off-road riding, it might be worth investing in a pair of wider tyres. You could also look into getting a suspension seatpost, which will help smooth out bumps in the road. And if you really want to turn your Roubaix into a gravel machine, there are even companies that make conversion kits with wider wheels and tyres.

Whatever route you decide to take, just remember to have fun and enjoy the ride!

What Tires Did Paris-Roubaix Use?

Paris-Roubaix, also known as the “Hell of the North”, is one of the most iconic and difficult professional cycling races in the world. The race covers a distance of 257 km (160 mi) over cobbled roads, and is considered one of the five “Monuments” of European cycling. In recent years, Paris-Roubaix has been won by riders using a variety of different tire types and widths.

In 2014, Vittorio Brumotti set a new record for the fastest Paris-Roubaix time while riding on 23mm wide tubular tires. In 2015, John Degenkolb won the race on 25mm wide tubulars. And in 2016, Greg Van Avermaet became the first rider to win Paris-Roubaix on wider 30mm clincher tires.

So what does this all mean for you? If you’re planning on tackling Paris-Roubaix yourself, it’s important to choose tires that will be comfortable and provide good traction over the rough cobbled roads. Wider tires are generally better than narrower ones, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide what width works best for your riding style and bike setup.

Is Roubaix a Fast Bike?

Roubaix is a road bike designed for comfort on long rides. It’s not the lightest or fastest bike out there, but it’s built for endurance and stability. Roubaix bikes are often used in professional races like the Tour de France, where riders need to be able to handle days of hard riding over rough roads.

While Roubaix bikes aren’t the quickest option for every situation, they’re a great choice for anyone looking to ride long distances without sacrificing comfort.

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Specialized Roubaix 2017 Max Tire Size

The Specialized Roubaix 2017 is a top of the line road bike that is equipped with some of the best features money can buy. One key feature on this bike is the max tire size. This allows the rider to change out their tires to whatever size they need without having to worry about compatibility issues.

The max tire size for the Specialized Roubaix 2017 is 700x28c. This gives riders a ton of options when it comes to finding the perfect tire for their needs. If you are looking for a road bike that can handle any terrain and any type of riding, then you need to check out the Specialized Roubaix 2017.


The 2018 Specialized Roubaix Max tire size is 700c x 28mm. This gives the bike a wider range of gears to work with and helps to make it more comfortable to ride on rough roads. The downside is that the bike may be less responsive when accelerating and climbing hills.

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