Best Road Bikes in 2022: Choose The Perfect One

You may not want a cruiser bike, or any other bike but a traditional road bike, and in order to find that, you’ve stumbled across this article. We hope to guide you in the right direction of purchasing the best road bikes for you and your friends or family. In this article, we’ll discuss the factors to consider before you purchase one, and tips for choosing the best.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Road Bicycle

While every bike can be “considered” a road bike because they can all drive on road at some point, it’s essential to know exactly what a road bike consists of. It’s important to know that a traditional road bike (designed for roads) is usually one that has been optimized for riding on pavement that’s smooth. Typically, this style of the bike features skinny tires that are narrow, and no wider than 32mm. If you’re wondering about tread, it’s very light and may not even have any at all. In order to keep the rolling resistance at its peak, the treadles tires may even be bald to cut down on this.

Mountain bikes have wider tires and definitely a tread that’s more aggressive to be able to ride on rough terrain. While road bikes can ride well on gravel or dirt that’s packed, the ride won’t be as smooth as the pavement. Problematic terrain isn’t the best for road bikes, as the tires aren’t optimized for such riding. You may see more flat tires and harm done to your bike than if you were to buy a mountain bike for rough terrain.

All bikes have various strengths, and if you’re someone who likes a smooth ride, drop handlebars, and requires something more lightweight, then you should definitely choose a road bike. It’s also worth mentioning that road bikes typically have no panniers and no fenders while being great for casual rides or racing on smooth roads.

best road bikes
best road bikes

Tips to Know Before Choosing The Perfect Road Bikes for Your Needs

If you’re someone that wants to commute in your neighborhood that’s pretty suburban, we suggest a road bike. If you’re someone that lives in a pothole city, you may want a different bike due to the tire tread and terrain. Even though you may live somewhere that’s not in the city and is pretty urban, the texture of the ground has everything to do with the type of bike you’ll be going for.

At the end of the day, there are subgenres of bikes under the “road” category to help cater to various types of riding styles and roads. There are also hybrid styles of bikes to ensure that everyone has something to go to, and it’s important to research before making the final decision on what bike is best for you.

The 7 Best Road Bikes Reviews

Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Bicycle

First on our list is a road bike from Kestrel, a leading brand for this style of bike. There are quite a few features of this bike to boast about that ooze sleekness and style. Said specifications include the forth coming:

  • Designed in an A2 Wind Tunnel, aerodynamically contoured
  • Proprietary Kestrel H-Stays
  • EMS Pro Aero Seat post
  • Constructed of EMH Carbon

The Breakdown of the Features

Featuring an EMS Pro Aero Seat Post, that ensures the saddle can be mounted in a variety of positions, this means that you can find your sweet spot as you ride. Beyond this, the proprietary Kestrel H Stays are unique and asymmetrical in a way that allows the seat stays where it is, as well as improving and decreasing the lateral stiffness. In return, the vibration dampening can be supplied.

The Advantages of the Product

One of our favorite features is that it’s aerodynamically contoured, thanks to the creation of the bike inside an A2 wind tunnel. In doing this, the seat post, tube, and stays are contoured and made for high winds or speeds – you won’t have to worry about your bike breaking in various weather or riding conditions.

The Disadvantages of the Product

You may be looking at the price tag and going, “Whoa!” – Rightfully so. IF you’re not seasoned and don’t ever intended to be a common road bike warrior, then you may not want this bike. The aforementioned is due to this bike being designed for the serious road rider that knows their stuff. If this is something you think you’d be interested in in the future, keep this bike at the back of your mind bank.

Vilano Shadow Road Bike Shimano STI, Integrated Shifters

Vilano Shadow Road Bike Shimano STI, Integrated Shifters

Next on our list is another bike that utilizes Shimano within the creation of their bike. Manufactured by Vilano, the aforementioned includes the forthcoming specifications:

  • Wheelset that’s 700c, double walled CNC
  • Shimano STI integrated brake lever and shifters
  • 6061 double butted aero from that’s aluminum
  • Fork is 700c 1 1/18” threadless, brakes
  • Pedals included

The Breakdown of the Features

Within the architecture of this bicycle, there are 700c double walled CNC machine wheels, as well as an integrated Shimano STI brake lever and shifter to ensure a unit that’s designed specifically for riding on the road. Beyond this, the double butted aero frame is aluminum and is noted as 6061 for those interested. The headset is also integrated in this, and the fork utilizes threadless 1 1/18”.

The Advantages of the Product

The Vilano bike in question is much more in the price range of someone who wants to be a bit more serious with riding, but doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Coming in a variety of colors for the bike frame, you’ll also be happy to know that free pedals are included. You may be wondering, “shouldn’t all bikes come with pedals?” And it’s important to realize that some don’t because you have to assemble the bike by yourself typically when you purchase it online.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t too many disadvantages of this bike, but if you don’t like the handlebars – we understand. While this style may be somewhat common amongst this style of bike, there are bikes that definitely have a different handlebar set.

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike

Next on our list is a product from the reliable Schwinn. Features include the following:

  • Aluminum road frame
  • Shimano Claris 16 speed derailleur
  • Shifters that are integrated
  • Alloy rims that are high profile

The Breakdown of the Features

Boasting an aluminum road frame that ensures a lightweight frame, this Schwinn is perfect for quick riding that’s agile. Beyond this, the rims are alloy and high profile, along with integrated shifters.

The Advantages of the Product

A favorite amongst the structure of this bike includes the Shimano Claris 16 speed derailleur that’s integrated within.

The Disadvantages of the Product

We can’t find any disadvantages, but if you’re someone that needs something other than a 56cm frame, or a female (as this is noted as men’s), you may need to look elsewhere.

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s

Manufactured by Giordano, features of the aforementioned include the following:

  • Lightweight and handcrafted aluminum frame (6061)
  • 32 spoke quick release alloy rims
  • 1 1/8” treadles stem
  • 16-speed drive train from Shimano STI

The Breakdown of the Features

The aluminum frame (6061) is super lightweight and handcrafted for optimal use. Beyond this, there are dual water mounts and multiple sizes offered (small, medium, large). There is also a 16-speed drive train thanks to Shimano.

The Advantages of the Product

A huge advantage to this bike is the fact that the alloy rims are quick release, high profile, and feature 32 spokes.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There may not be too many disadvantages of this product, but the handlebar to seat height ratio is better than most we’ve seen on this list.

Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum

This well-built mountain bike from the well-reputed Tommaso is loved by many of the mountain bike enthusiasts for features that include the following:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame makes a strong and reliable ride
  • Aluminum steering tube fork
  • Equipped with top quality derailleurs and shifters
  • Boasts crankset and cassette from Shimano
  • Compact Handlebars with Dual Pivot Brake Calipers

The Breakdown of the Features

This bike boasts a solid consistent ride with the Tommaso 6061 SLA Aluminum compact rod frame, which is durable for years of regular riding. It is said to be the one entry-level bike available in the market with the full Shimano Claris groupset. So you get the all-out performance and smooth consistent shifting while riding, as the Claris sets synchronize impeccably with one another. Its TC-20 wheels by Tommaso itself, serve literally great in all road conditions for any type of riding. This compact bike only weighs 23.8lbs and comes with 24 speeds. The fork affords great strength and optimum stiffness to every ride, with an easy to use quick release system combined with the Vibration Dampening Technology for added comfort on long rides. It is capable of beating other entry-level drivetrains with the Claris Crankset and Cassette. The Tommaso Imola Compact Aluminum Road Bike is armed without a glitch for all the roads and conditions you face. Oh yes, the bike has sizes and colors to choose from.

The Advantages of the Product

The lovely Imola has quick and reliable braking power with the Shimano Claris dual pivot brake calipers. Its TRS ultralight handle-bars add an extra bit of comfort gifting the shallow drops with flat tops.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Not much to quote in this section. The bike might seem hard to get the wheels trued. So it may cost an extra $15 to $20 depending on the shop.

Vilano FORZA 4.0 Aluminum Integrated Shifters

The Vilano FORZA 4.0 is one of those very few lowest priced road bikes with integrated brake lever shifters. This can be a brilliant choice for getting into cycling habit. It has some excellent features as stated below:

  • Available in different sizes to fit your height
  • Aluminum frame keeps it lightweight but strong
  • Reliable Shifting with integrated brake lever shifters
  • Comes with free pedals while the purchase
  • Alloy caliper brakes enable safe and quick stopping
  • Double walled wheelset with CNC machined Sides

The Breakdown of the Features

Being crafted with high-quality materials, this bike grants a spectacular shape with 700c steel fork, double-walled rims and alloy caliper brakes attached to both front and rear wheels. Its alloy aluminum frame is incalculably strong and at the same time lightweight. This ensures the longevity of the frame’s lifespan. The robust racing forks in association with the 170-millimeters alloy crank absorb bumps and thuds on the road. As the bike comes with top-quality gear shifters, it is evident that it can perform in on and off-road. Also shifting is super easy, as the gear shifters are placed on its brake levers. 24 speeds with a steel racing fork is fairly good for reaching the speed limits you want. The bike boasts formula hubs and rims that come with CNC machined sides. Stopping bike instantaneously in any of the situations and surfaces is no big deal for its alloy caliper brakes. The Vilano FORZA 4.0 functions the very best that a mid-budget mountain bike can.

The Advantages of the Product

If you are searching for an adaptable bike, this could be somewhat affordable and appropriate for the features it holds within the price. It’s a recommended piece to satisfy your purposes.

The Disadvantages of the Product

The seat it comes with feels awkwardly uncomfortable. So it possibly requests a replacement with a WTB seat and the tires might fail to match your expectations too.

Schwinn Women’s Phocus 1600 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle

This beautiful looking women’s road bike is manufactured by the dominant American bicycle manufacturing company, Schwinn. If you are a casual road cyclist, this has some simple yet significant features to offer:

  • Aluminum frame with carbon fiber fork proposes responsive riding
  • Multi-speed drivetrain for better riding on any terrain
  • Comes with integrated brake lever shifting and alloy crank
  • High profile alloy rims with paired spokes combine a good wheel
  • Upgraded alloy caliper road brakes from Promax

The Breakdown of the Features

Schwinn is known to be one of the best value providers in bikes. So don’t underestimate this bike by the very few features it comes with. If you are a woman and starting to bike on a regular basis, then probably this is the one you will be pleased to buy. It has a 16-inches frame for the average sized American women. The bike comes lightweight and comfy to ride with carbon fiber fork. It provides easy shifting as the shifters are located on the handle. It actually has a 16-speed drivetrain instead of the 14 speed that is featured. Solid and durable components with adjustable head stem add more convenience for women. Considering the price, the bottom bracket and crankset are good enough and it has better quality derailleurs from Shimano Claris. The tires perform also great if you pump them properly before your ride. The Schwinn Women’s Phocus Drop Bar Road Bicycle is listed as a right match for women’s requirements, if not competed professionally.

The Advantages of the Product

If you are searching for an adaptable bike, this could be somewhat affordable and appropriate for the features it holds within the price. It’s good enough to satisfy your purposes.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Breaks don’t have the most of the responsiveness. Also, the bike may seem a bit overpriced but it is from Schwinn after all. Women riders still love it.

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Final Verdict

Overwhelmed? That’s okay – we all are when we dip our toes into something new. If you’re looking for a recommendation to help you further your research on the best road bikes for you, you may want to try the Kestrel Talon Road Shimano – 105 Bicycle. Manufactured by Kestrel and aimed towards the more seasoned riders, it comes with H Stays, and wonderfully designed of Kestrel’s EMH Carbon, which ensures lightweight, yet compliant performance.