How To Remove Mountain Bike Pedals?

To remove the pedals from the crank arms, use a pedal wrench or hex key. Moving the right pedal counter-clockwise loosens it, while turning the left pedal clockwise loosens it. Apply bike lubricant to the new pedals and tighten them to a 90-degree angle. Screw in each pedal until it is completely inserted and snug, and then go on the road!

Similarly, How do I remove a tight mountain bike pedal?

Penetrating fluids, such as PB B’Laster, or multi-purpose fluids WD40 may help break up the binding by progressively working its way into the threads. Spray the end of the pedal spindle with penetrating fluid when the bike is on its side and the pedal spindle is pointing up.

Also, it is asked, Are mountain bike pedals reverse thread?

Remember that the left pedal spindle is threaded backwards. When facing the crank arm, turn it clockwise to remove the pedal. The right side is normal, so loosen it by turning it anti-clockwise.

Secondly, How do you loosen a tight nut on a bike?

As a result, a lubricant such as liquid wrench or WD40 may be used to loosen them. Heat may assist, but it must be really intense, such as with a torch. If you cut the rails of the saddle, you may be able to pound them out with a punch.

Also, What tools do I need to change bike pedals?

Tools are required. You’ll need a 15mm open-ended wrench (pedal spanner), a 6mm Allen key, or an 8mm Allen key, depending on the pedals you’re using. Whatever tool is needed, a long-handled version will provide more leverage for added security and removal.

People also ask, Are all mountain bike pedals the same?

Is the size of all bike pedals the same? Bike pedals come in a variety of sizes. Bike pedal sizes vary owing to the crank arms defining the precise diameter threads that it will accept; this is mostly determined by the bike’s age and kind.

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The “pedal spanner” is a tool that allows you to remove mountain bike pedals.

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Related Questions and Answers

What can I use instead of a pedal wrench?

If you don’t have a pedal wrench, a basic 15 mm open-end wrench will usually do.

When should I replace my mountain bike pedals?

Time is as excellent as it gets in the realm of clipless pedals when it comes to durability. If you replace them every couple of years, any other pedal will be obsolete in less than a year. A pair of ATACs from roughly 10-12 years ago or a set of Shimano M747 pedals would be the best bet.

What size is a bike pedal nut?

The threads per inch on bicycle pedals are usually 9/16′′ x 20. The internal thread (the “nut”) must have a smaller interior diameter. The OD of the pedal is normally 14.2mm when measured in millimeters. The internal thread on cranks is typically 13mm.

Do you need a torque wrench to install pedals?

Yes, pedals should be tighter than “hand tight,” and a torque wrench isn’t required.

Which way do I turn my bike pedals to remove Allen keys?

With the long end of the Allen key pointed toward the rear of the bike, insert the tiny end into the backside of the crank arm. To loosen the pedal, press down on the Allen key with your right hand and spin it clockwise.

Why are bike pedals threaded differently?

Right pedals are right-hand threaded, whereas left pedals are left-hand threaded, allowing them to self-tighten as you ride, preventing them from slipping off – assuming your bearings are in good working order. The scenario for a right pedal is shown in the diagram below.

Why do mountain bike pedals have spikes?

You can step on or off flat pedals since there are no cleats, cages, or clips anchoring you to the pedal. Flat mountain bike pedals include little spikes called pins that protect your shoes from falling off the pedals, which is an unpleasant and frightening experience.


The “how to remove bike pedals that are stuck” is a question I get asked quite often. There are three ways to remove your bike pedals, with the first being to try and pry them off. The second is to use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding them in place. The third is to use a hex key or wrench to loosen the bolts that hold them in place.

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