Triumph Bicycle

In 1887, John Dunlop invented the pneumatic tire, which quickly became popular for bicycles. In 1892, Harry Hall founded Triumph Bicycle Company in Coventry, England. The company started out by manufacturing motorcycles and then began making bicycles in 1896.

By 1902, Triumph was the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. The company continued to grow and prosper throughout the 20th century. Today, Triumph is still a leading manufacturer of quality bicycles.

Triumph Bicycle is a proud sponsor of the Tour de France. For over 100 years, we have been committed to making the best bicycles in the world. Our bikes are ridden by some of the most successful riders in history, including five-time Tour de France winner Eddy Merckx.

Today, Triumph Bicycle continues to innovate, developing new technologies that make our bikes lighter, faster, and more comfortable to ride. We are constantly striving to improve the riding experience for all cyclists, from weekend warriors to professional racers.

Triumph Bicycle


Is Triumph a Good Bike Brand?

There is no simple answer to whether Triumph is a good bike brand or not. It depends on what you are looking for in a motorcycle and what your priorities are. Some people may find Triumph motorcycles to be the best on the market, while others may prefer another brand.

Triumph has been around since 1902 and has a long history of producing quality motorcycles. The company is based in the UK and has a strong presence there, as well as in other parts of Europe and North America. Triumph offers a wide range of motorcycle models, from entry-level bikes to high-performance machines.

Some of the things that make Triumph motorcycles stand out include their attention to detail, classic design cues, and use of high-quality materials. Triumph bikes also have a reputation for being reliable and easy to ride. However, some riders find them too heavy or slow for their taste.

If you’re considering buying a Triumph motorcycle, it’s important to test ride one first to see if it’s the right fit for you. There’s no doubt that Triumph makes some great bikes, but ultimately it’s up to each individual rider to decide if they’re the right brand for them.

Did Triumph Make Bicycles?

Yes, Triumph did make bicycles. The company was founded in Coventry, England in 1885 and initially made motorcycles before expanding into other areas such as automobiles and bicycles. Triumph bicycles were produced from 1896 until 1956 when the company stopped production due to financial difficulties.

However, the brand was revived in 2016 by a new owner and is now once again producing high-quality bikes. Some of the most popular models include the Superb, Ace and Hurricane.

When Did Raleigh Buy Triumph?

Raleigh bought Triumph in December 1983. The British company had been struggling financially for a number of years, and Raleigh saw an opportunity to turn things around. Raleigh invested heavily in new product development and marketing, and within a few years Triumph was once again a thriving business.

Today, Raleigh is one of the world’s leading bike manufacturers, and Triumph is one of its most popular brands.

How Much is a Triumph?

When it comes to motorcycles, there is a brand that has been around for quite some time now and that is Triumph. This company has been manufacturing bikes since 1902 and they have become very popular all over the world. People love their classic designs as well as the modern ones.

But how much does a Triumph actually cost? The price of a Triumph motorcycle will depend on what model you are looking at as well as the year it was manufactured. For example, a newer model like the Bonneville T120 will start at around $12,500 while an older model like the Thunderbird Sport can be found for around $5,000.

Of course, these prices can vary depending on where you purchase the bike from and if any aftermarket accessories have been added on. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 for a Triumph motorcycle which is still relatively affordable compared to other brands out there. So if you are in the market for a new bike and want something with style and history behind it then be sure to check out Triumph!

Triumph Releases New Trekker GT – Electric Bicycle

Triumph Bicycle Models

Triumph Bicycle Models The Triumph bicycle company was founded in Coventry, England in 1886. The company produced a range of road and racing bicycles until it ceased production in the early 1990s.

The first Triumph model was the Tourist, introduced in 1887. This was a sturdy roadster with a frame made from steel tubing and solid rubber tires. It proved popular with riders who wanted a reliable bike for touring and long-distance riding.

In 1889, Triumph introduced the Safety bicycle. This had a diamond-shaped frame with equal-sized wheels, making it easier to ride than the Tourist. It quickly became one of the most popular bikes on the market and helped to make cycling more accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

During the 1890s, Triumph expanded its range to include both ladies’ and gentlemen’s models, as well as a variety of different sizes to suit different riders. The company also produced bikes specifically for racing, such as the lightweight Eagle roadster. These bikes were used by some of the leading cyclists of the day including Alf Goullet, who set numerous world records on a Triumph Eagle during his career.

By the early 1900s, Triumph was one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Britain and sold its bikes all over the world. In 1902 alone, over 25,000 Triumph bicycles were exported to Australia! However, competition from cars and motorcycles began to take its toll on sales of bicycles during this time and Triumph eventually ceased production in 1937.

Triumph Bicycle for Sale

If you’re in the market for a new bicycle, you may be wondering where to start. There are so many different types and brands of bicycles available that it can be overwhelming. But if you have your heart set on a Triumph bicycle, we’ve got good news for you – we’ve got one for sale!

This particular Triumph bicycle is a road bike, perfect for riding on paved surfaces. It’s outfitted with 21 speeds, making it versatile enough to handle whatever terrain you encounter. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum, so it won’t weigh you down as you ride.

And best of all, it comes in at a very reasonable price point. So if you’re looking for a new road bike and want something that’s high-quality but won’t break the bank, this Triumph bicycle is definitely worth checking out!

Triumph Bicycle 3 Speed

If you’re looking for a classic, stylish bicycle that’s built to last, then you’ll want to check out the Triumph 3 Speed. This bike is perfect for cruising around town or taking on light trails. It features a durable steel frame and fork, as well as wide tires for a smooth ride.

The Shimano 3-speed drivetrain makes it easy to pedal up hills, and the front and rear brakes provide quick stopping power. Plus, the vintage-inspired leather saddle and grips add a touch of class.

Triumph Bicycle Vintage

Triumph Bicycle Vintage If you are a fan of vintage bicycles, then you will love the Triumph Bicycle Vintage. This bike is a great replica of the original Triumph bikes that were made in the early 1900s.

The bike features a solid steel frame and fork, as well as authentic period correct components. The bike also comes with a rear rack and fenders, making it perfect for those who want to ride in style. The Triumph Bicycle Vintage is available in three different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

The small size is perfect for kids or adults who are shorter in stature. The medium size is ideal for most adults, while the large size is great for taller riders. You can also choose from two different colors, including black and silver.

If you are looking for a quality vintage bicycle, then you need to check out the Triumph Bicycle Vintage. This bike has everything you need to enjoy riding in style, including a durable steel frame and quality components. Order yours today and start enjoying the ride of your life!


On March 7, 1876, Albert Pope manufactured the first Columbia bicycle in Hartford, Connecticut. By 1890, Pope was producing over 12,000 bicycles per year and had become the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. In 1897, Pope commissioned engineer Harry Hammond to design a new high-wheeler bicycle, which became known as the “Ordinary.”

The Ordinary was very popular among bicyclists of the time and helped solidify Pope’s position as the leading American bicycle manufacturer. However, by the early 1900s, safety concerns began to arise about the high-wheeler design and its potential for serious injury. In response to these concerns, manufacturers started producing lower-wheeled bicycles, which eventually led to the development of the modern day bicycle.

AlthoughPope’s company no longer exists, his impact onthe history of bicycling is still evident today.