Upgrade 11 28 to 11 32 Chain Length: Everything You Need to Know

Upgrading your bike chain length is a simple yet important step in maintaining the overall performance and longevity of your bike. In this post, we’ll be discussing the process of upgrading from an 11 28 to an 11 32 chain length, including the benefits and considerations to keep in mind before making the switch.

Basics Of Bike Chain Length

First, let’s discuss the basics of bike chain length. The chain length of a bike is determined by the number of teeth on the front and rear sprockets. The front sprocket is known as the chainring, and the rear sprocket is known as the cassette. In our case, the upgrade from an 11 28 to an 11 32 chain length refers to the number of teeth on the rear cassette.

Why Would You Upgrade Your Chain Length?

So, why would someone choose to upgrade their chain length? The primary benefit of upgrading to a larger chain length is increased gear range, which allows for easier and smoother pedaling on steep inclines. This is especially useful for riders who frequently encounter hills or mountains on their rides. Additionally, a larger chain length can also provide a more efficient use of energy when pedaling at a steady pace, as it allows for a more optimal gear ratio.

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Why Would You Upgrade Your Chain Length?

Things To Consider While upgrading.

Before making the upgrade, it’s important to consider a few things. Firstly, ensure that your bike’s derailleur is compatible with the larger chain length. Additionally, check that your chainring is also compatible and that there is enough clearance for the larger chain to move through the derailleur without rubbing. It’s also a great idea to check that your current chain is in good condition, as upgrading your chain length will put more wear and tear on the chain.
Once you’ve confirmed that your bike is compatible and your current chain is in good condition, it’s time to begin the upgrade process.

Steps For Installing New Chain

The first step is to remove your current cassette and chain. This can be done by using a cassette tool to remove the cassette from the freehub body and then using a chain tool to remove the chain from the bike.
Next, install the new cassette onto the freehub body, making sure it is properly seated and tightened. Then, install the new chain onto the bike, ensuring that the links are properly aligned, and the chain is tensioned correctly. It’s important to note that the new chain may be slightly longer than the old chain, so it’s important to check and adjust the chain length as necessary to ensure proper shifting.
Finally, test-ride your bike to ensure that the shifting is smooth and the gears are properly engaged. If all is well, you’re now ready to enjoy the increased gear range and improved efficiency provided by your upgraded chain length.


Upgrading your bike chain length from 11 28 to 11 32 can provide a significant improvement in the performance and efficiency of your bike. However, it’s important to consider the compatibility of your bike and the condition of your current chain before making the upgrade. With the proper preparation and installation, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a larger chain length in no time.